Succeed in the cooking of your crepes

tip | Crepe makers

  • If the batter slides onto or stickes to the rake: Do not grease. Wipe the plate with a dry cloth. A badly made batter can also cause this to happen.
  • If the batter bubbles and sticks to the plate: The plate has not been correctly seasoned. Continue greasing at regular intervals. Or else it is charred, in which case, scrape off the char and start again.
  • If the batter bubbles: It is too thin or badly made or the plate is too hot.
  • If the batter sticks : Grease lightly with a drop of oil.
  • If you put filling on the plate used to cook the crepes: Avoid ingredients that could damage the seasoning (e.g. lemon, tomato) – add the garnish once you have removed the crepe from the plate.
  • If the plate is too greasy, wipe it before spreading the next crepe
  • Do not polish plates as this will render the seasoning less effective.
  • Crepes will be softer if your cooking plate is very hot.