Krampouz Company

Krampouz : the inventor of the crepe maker

The story begins in 1949 in the heart of Brittany. To meet the request of his family, an electrician undertakes to manufacture a gas crepe maker. Until then, the pancakes were made on a cast iron plate placed in the fireplace. The news spread like a trail of flour and requests pouring in from across Brittany. Thus is born the first gas crepe maker and at the same time the Krampouz brand, which means "pancake" in Breton.

The crepe: a universal dish

If in 1966, the Krampouz crepe makers embark by ship to New York City, it is really in 1980 that starts the international adventure for Krampouz. The crepe makers will then fly to London, Brussels, Athens and never cease to seduce the worldwide users. Whatever its form or the used flour, the crepe is universal. Okonomiyakis in Japan, tortillas in Mexico, chapatis in India or pancakes in Anglo-Saxon countries: each country has its recipe.

Krampouz and the diversification

Undisputed world reference of the crepe maker, over the years, Krampouz was able to apply its know-how of the precision cooking to new ranges of appliance, and passing from the statut of “heat adjuster”to the one of “manufacturer of high quality equipments ready to connect”. Since 2006, more than 60 references have been created. Griddle plates, grills, waffle makers and warming equipments now take place with the famous gas and electric crepe makers.

Cooking equipment at the service of professionals and consumers.

Following the success of its professional range, Krampouz decided in the 1980’s to put its know-how at the service of consumers with a single concern: offering quality appliances. It was in 1981 that the first electric crepe maker dedicated to the general public, the famous Billig, designed on the basis of Krampouz professional equipment born. Today, the Billig still exists and the range of family products has grown: families and friends gather to share a moment of conviviality around Krampouz crepe makers, griddle plats and grills.

An unrivaled expertise

Since its creation, Krampouz strives to offer the best of its know-how and its experience to the catering professionals and the general public by developing the high range, robust, reliable and easy to use equipment.

By constantly listening to its users, Krampouz has reinvented itself while preserving and perfecting its founding dimensions: power and homogeneous distribution of heat, stability and precise temperature control, user comfort and easy cleaning.

A design office

With an integrated design office, Krampouz is engaged in a continuous innovation process based on listening to its customers. Of this listening is born, for example the concept of " Easy Clean System" , a synonym of hygiene, time saving and economy, applied to our range of waffle makers and contact grills . But also, the "Automatic control system" wich enables an automatic heat regulation on our griddle plates. Without forgetting the "Easy crep' " which make the cooking of crepes accessible to everyone.

From a 100% French manufacturing to a strong international presence

Anchored in Brittany and attached to its roots, Krampouz is since 2012 a member of the Produit en Bretagne association. The company. Thus, the company is committed to the economic and cultural of its region.

As a proof that it is possible to succeed in France, Krampouz is proud to offer quality equipments with 100% made in France manufacturing.

Krampouz is a company which gives priority to human relationships and the opening to the world: Europe, North and South America, Africa, Asia and Oceania, Krampouz is more than ever present and distributed on the 5 continents. Both for its crepe makers and its other products range, which also experience a strong success abroad.

Sustainable development

Design 100% sustainable products

Since it was launched over 60 years ago, Krampouz has consistently based the design of its products on 3 main pillars: quality, reliability and durability.

What’s more, when developing new products, Krampouz attaches particular importance to the extensive recycling capacities of the materials used, such as: stainless steel, cast iron, cardboard, etc.

Finally, Krampouz is a member of Eco-systèmes, a company that collects and recycles household electrical goods.

Manufacture Zero pollution objective

Our industrial strategy targets “zero pollution”.

To achieve this objective, our company has already implemented a manufacturing process which offers the key advantage of not emitting CO2 or producing waste water. With the same objective in mind, we favor local suppliers for most of our development projects in order to reduce our impact on the environment.

With the same objective in mind, we favor local suppliers for most of our development projects in order to reduce our impact on the environment.

Use minimum ecological impact

Our products are designed and developed to last, reducing the need to replace them and increasing their energy-efficiency. In practice, this minimizes consumers’ impact on the environment.

Krampouz has been committed to an eco-packaging approach for the past 10 years.